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Pallet vibrators VIB 1200/800, VIB1200/1000

Pallet vibrator VIB 1200/1000
  • is intended for easy and efficient placing of sacks on the pallet
  • by means of guided vibrations it comes to the purposeful distribution of material in the whole vibrated space
  • by vibration of potatoes, carrot, onion and similar soft materials it does not come to the damage of low layers
  • easy filling by means of a gradually removable wall
  • easy taking out of a pallet with a material by opening of 2 walls
  • material on the pallet holds after taking out as a unit
  • the tonnage of the transportation means is utilized at maximum
  • it enables an easy and quick manipulation with pallets
  • 2 vibrational motors
  • input power 0,7 kw
  • output up to 30 pallets / h


Pallet vibrator VIB 1200/800Pallet vibrator VIB 1200/1000